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Do you know the specialty of this fish that was sold for Rs 12,000?

Fish is a favorite dish for the residents of Bengal. Seafood Andre does not leave the five-seat, especially fresh fish siccre bengals. They are willing to pay thousands of rupees to buy the fish.

HILSA FISH ANDREA adore not just Bengalis but fish lovers. It is the national fish of Bangladesh. One kg of Hilsa fish has a market price of Rs. This is a great demand for bitre chitala and bhetki fish.

South Asian, Papua New Guinea, North Australian people love Betski fish dishes. Fish Fry and Fish Tandoori are the best. The smallest Bhettki fish weighs 1-3 kg. Larger weight estimates are 11-12 kg.

Recently, a fisherman from Howrah district caught a Bhetki fish weighing 18.5 kg. The fish has been sold for Rs 12,000. Tarun Bera, a fisherman, made it to the local market.

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