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Indore / DEO refuses to join teachers who come to join after transfer, angry teachers protest

Indore. The District Education Officer refused to give joining, citing an order of the department, to transfer more than 40 teachers from different districts of the state to Indore. Angry teachers protested at the District Education Officer's office and demanded immediate joining.

More than 40 teachers arrived at the District Education Officer office located at Bara Ganapati on Tuesday when the DEO refused to join them. These teachers came from different districts of the state to join Indore for relieving. When it reached the DEO office on Tuesday, it was said that all types of joining and relieving have been banned at present under an order of the Education Department. 

In this regard, DEO Rajendra Makwani told that an order of the Education Department Commissioner has been issued on Tuesday morning. According to this order, both joining and relief have been banned till further orders. At 4 pm on Wednesday, the department will hold a meeting through video conferencing in which a decision will be taken regarding whether or not to join the transferred teachers.

Considerable outrage Shikshkaen
said teachers from several districts that they were asked to Jwaॅin Indore within 7 days. Now refused to join in Indore. Teachers say that along with the cost of commuting to and from Indore from the old workplace, money is also being spent to stay in Indore. Now the department is talking about taking a decision by Wednesday evening, then the department should also pay this additional expense to the teachers.

Teachers who came to the District Education Officer's office for joining the information were not responsible, the  teachers were upset due to not getting the right information. The teachers said that the District Education Officer is not giving information to anyone regarding the order. At the same time, the DEO also refused to meet when the teachers tried to meet him. This behavior of the DEO also saw resentment among the teachers.

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