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Health / doctors find treatment for the deadliest infection of TB

Donald McNeil Jr. 
Tuberculosis (TB) has left behind a deadly disease like AIDS in the deaths due to infection in the world. Her XDR strain has created resistance to commonly used antibiotics in the treatment of TB. Success has recently been achieved in South Africa in the treatment of a woman affected by a strain. When Simango, 25, took part in a new treatment trial at Johannesburg Hospital, his weight was barely 25 kg. The treatment tried on him has benefited 90%. He is on trial with 109 other patients.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US has approved treatment with three medicines. The World Health Organization (WHO) accepts FDA or European agency approval. Now this treatment can be used worldwide. There are around 30000 cases of XDR strains in 100 countries. Experts believe that people who have normal treatment have a healthy recovery rate of only 34%.

The treatment of this disease is much more difficult. For such general treatment in South Africa, 40 pills are to be taken every day for two years. Other countries have an outdated method in which antibiotics have to be injected daily. They can have many terrible side effects including deafness, kidney failure and mental disturbances. In the trial, Simango had to eat only five pills every day for six months. These tablets are - pritomanid, bedaquiline and linzolid.

In 2006, a patient suffering from a fatal TB strain was first detected in South Africa. This strain was found in 53 patients. Of these, 52 were killed. A few months later, it was found that 40 hospitals in South Africa have patients with fatal infections. After this, the WHO conducted a worldwide investigation. Deadly strain XDR was also found in America. Two-thirds of its cases have been found in India, China, Russia.

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