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Decision on World Championship / Maricom without selection trial, exited without a break

New Delhi . The controversy over the inclusion of MC Maricom in the Indian team without a trial in the World Championship is not over. Following the complaint of boxing player Nikhat Zarin, the Indian Federation is going to meet in Delhi on 19 August. The final decision regarding the trial will be taken in the meeting. Nikhat was not allowed to land even after reaching trial. The player had e-mailed the president and secretary of the federation and asked for a trial. However, a response has not been sent to Nikhat by the Federation. The World Championship will be held in Delhi from October 3 to 13. 

The meeting will decide on trials in both 51 and 69 categories

  1. Boxing Federation general secretary Jai Kohli said that after Nikhat's complaint, we are going to meet on August 19. Apart from the chairman, the meeting will include the performance director, head coach and deputy chairman of the selection committee. After this, the trial will be decided in both 51 and 69 categories.
  2. Six-time world champion Mary Kom had asked not to give the trial, saying she had to defeat Nikhat and Vanlal at the India Open in May. After this, the Federation decided not to conduct the trial, believing Mary Kom. The Sports Ministry also sought a response from the Federation on this entire controversy.
  3. Trials took place from 6 to 8 AugustNikhat has entered the World Championship in 2016. She then reached the quarter-finals. Nikhat has also been a 23-year-old Junior World Champion. The World Championship trials took place in Delhi from 6 to 8 August. Nikhat was scheduled to compete on the first day of the trial, but it was postponed at the last minute. Both Nikhat and Mary Kom play in the 51 kg category.
  4. Olympic can conduct trials for qualificationIt may be decided in the meeting that the qualification tournament for the 2020 Olympics be put on trial. In such a situation, the officials can talk to Nikht and prepare them not to be tried again for the World Championship. Players will not qualify for the Olympics from the World Championship due to the International Boxing Federation being banned. The International Olympic Association will conduct the qualification tournament itself.

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